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Maintenance Management as Our Core Competence

Since our customers' workflows, methods, processes, resources and facilities are highly individual, their requirements regarding a software and for maintenance management are also very distinguished.

We learned that from experience in over 15 years of project business and hundreds of applications, respectively.

Our Promise of Performance for Your Maintenance Management:

  • Binding project management
  • Operational interfaces
  • Integration of every relevant sub-area into a sustainable overall system for maintenance

Our Performance Spectrum for Maintenance Management of Your Business Encompasses:

  • Consulting, conception and planning of custom tailored maintenance strategies
  • Delivery and installation
  • Testing and initial operation of the software
  • Routine maintenance and documentation of maintenance measures
  • Remote diagnostics and remote maintenance
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Support hotline 

The immense experience of our professional employees as well as the wide range of software and services pertaining to maintenance management enables us to meet the most diverse desires of our customers – and to give you exactly what you need for maintenance: a software tailored to your needs exclusively from the very beginning. An application made individually to meet your necessities for maintenance can increase your production efficiency and decrease costs and time investment in the long term. 

Agile Project Management for Maintenance Management

IT-projects for maintenance management, technical works management and workforce management are big challenges for everyone involved.

Introduction of new or modification of existing software for the required maintenance measures navigates a stress field of financial, legal and functional challenges, although the trend in this area is moving towards agile project methods.

Classic Project Management vs. Agile Approach for Maintenance IT-Projects

The existing different project management approaches each come with their own advantages and risks alike. This makes the choice for an appropriate course of action all the more difficult when introducing a new IT-solution for maintenance management.

A classic approach (V-model, waterfall) to a project can be sensible in one case and lead to failure in another. This is why the decision should be depending on the individual project in question. 

Dynamic Project Environment in Maintenance Management

The classic project management approach, with its relatively static structures, already determines the goals to be achieved for the entire solution during the planning and specifications phase. Today, the advantages of agile project management by using a mostly dynamic project environment reveal themselves.

It is because this method is based on the premise that IT-projects, like introducing or modifying a maintenance software, are way too delicate and complex to completely plan in advance. Accordingly, the project goal is not specified up to the very last detail while planning. Instead, the project is developed cyclically during so-called sprints by a self-organising, interdisciplinary team. Customers have a say in these sprints from the very beginning and are able to prioritise specific requirements from iteration to iteration regarding maintenance strategies. Sprints institutionalise a feedback concerning usability, quality control and new requirements the software needs to meet for maintenance measures. 

Agile Project Management means

  • developing one project step by step
  • using a self-organising, interdisciplinary team
  • in cycles (sprints)

with the results of 

  • keeping the order lean by prioritising
  • implementing customer needs regarding maintenance quickly
  • being able to react flexibly to changes in later project phases.

By using agile project management, expenditure of time and expenses are precisely determined, project goals are defined and project results are roughly sketched. Project completion takes its course cyclically in a flexible sequence of planning and development phases (sprints).

What Does it Mean for Potential Customers?

To apply these methods, it is of the utmost importance to enter an open and continuous dialogue. GreenGate AG recognises modifications which arise automatically from each of the project stages as an integral part of projects and consequently as a chance to be able to react early to said changes to deliver a custom tailored maintenance management.

Advantages of Agile Project Management for Maintenance Software

  • Fast launch of projects
  • Easy to introduce because of transparency
  • Easy to handle (little administration)
  • Easy to control (meetings, project status reports)
  • Customers have a say from the very beginning and are enabled to prioritise specific tasks analogically to project progress (scope-management)
  • Detailed specifics only when really necessary
  • Usage of learning curves from prior project stages
  • Fast design of functions
  • Scope and quality of the solution grow with every project stage
  • Motivation by regular retrospectives

Have We Kindled Your Interest for Maintenance Management with Our Software Solution?

Would you like to decrease your maintenance efforts in your business and therefore increase production efficiency? We will gladly present our software for innovative maintenance management. Please give us a call and we will arrange an appointment for presentation.


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