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Operation and Maintenance Management Software for Off-  and Onshore Windfarms

Organize spatially distributed maintenance activities on windturbines, aspire troublefree operation and manage the project cost-effectively: GS-Service supports operators of wind turbines in their various tasks.

You get benefit from the Maintenance Management Software by using of intelligent deployment planning and efficiantly task processing of technicians, in clear warehouse management and the control of transport vehicles. Engineering and service tasks for off- and onshore windturbines are complex in their implementation and subsequent operation that they increasingly require the introduction of maintenance planning software. This software should be able to initiate and map the various topics. 

At the same time, a software solution has to fit the specific requirements of the industry and offer the best possible support in resource planning and execution and in the documentation of service assignments.


Since 2013 we have been supporting the Meerwind Süd/Ost wind farm with GS-Service as a maintenance management software for the administration of the 80 wind turbines. Up to 2,000 documented components are installed on each wind turbine.

Each component is integrated into a structure according to RDS-PP and can be identified quickly and unambiguously. In addition, each possible activity is assigned to a component of the wind turbine.

The management software is used at three further offshore wind farms and by onshore service providers.

Origin of the Maintenance Management Software

As part of the public funded research project "DispoOffshore", operator requirements for a maintenance management software were recorded in detail. Subsequently, the required topics were integrated into a software solution so that the management software offers the site manager maximum assistance during planning.

In cooperation with the Forschungsinstitut für Rationalisierung (FIR) e. V. at the RWTH Aachen and the Hochschule Zittau Görlitz (FH), a suitable software solution was developed in which a meaningful daily planning with a parameterizable algorithm is calculated from the multitude of requirements.

The software takes into account travel times and employee qualifications as well as priorities of the tasks and the workload of the teams. The Sitemanager has the possibility to change this planning manually. The tool can also be used to create the necessary documents and proofs, for example for customs, so that legal security is also guaranteed. The employees receive their assigned work orders, which are then completed on site on the wind turbines with notebooks or tablet PCs.

Workflow Management Software - Task Management and Disposition

During operation, status messages are generated via the central control system, which result, for example, in a troubleshooting task. The tasks must be given high priority in daily planning. Planned recurring inspections and defect rectification orders are also available. Several hundred tasks are quickly completed in a wind farm.

The  site managers or schedulers job is to decide which repairs and maintenance are to be carried out on the following day and in the next few days. He has to consider all necessary parameters in the task management.

A controlled and good overview of tangible technicians and teams, available spare parts and means of transport enable efficient resource planning and profitable task management.

Due to the large number of systems, the site manager must also keep an eye on the spatial distribution of the employees so that the travel times are as short as possible and the sequence of assignments is carried out in the most economical order possible.

Factors of workflow management

Many parameters need to be taken into account in task management: 

  • Different qualifications of the employees required and the resulting responsibilities,
  • Availability of technicians according to the operating calendar,
  • Necessary and available resources from materials management,
  • the necessary prioritization of the work orders to be completed.

At the same time, site managers and logisticians must take into account which means of transport are available to the employees for their tasks when managing measures, since changes in the weather may require them to redeploy to other workers.

For an offshore assignment, it is often considered whether a helicopter should be used in urgent cases - for example, when the wave height no longer permits CTV deployment.

subject library

  • RDS-PP Structure Library
    The RDS-PP structure has established itself in windfarm management for the identification of the turbine structure and components. The Reference Designation System for Power Plants (RDS-PP) is the further development of the power plant designation system KKS with extensions for new technologies in electricity and heat generation.
  • Certificate examination of employees
    In the area of HSE (Health and Safety Executive), consistent monitoring of personal training and certificates is required. You can immediately see which employees need to renew important courses.
  • PPE - Personal protective equipment
    The regular safety checks of all personal equipment required by law guarantee a high standard of safety. Each inspection is electronically documented and automatically rescheduled according to its validity period.
  • Electrical testing of portable equipment according to DGUV
    The check of portable electrical appliances according to DGUV regulation 3 in the sense of the accident prevention regulation concerns all objects which serve the application of electrical energy. Each check is documented in the software application and automatically rescheduled according to its validity period.
  • Capacity calculation for planned operations
    The availability of the employees depending on their individual qualifications and the quantity of planned work orders enables a capacity calculation to determine the utilization of resources.
  • Shift planning as daily or weekly planning
    The dispatching of the emergency forces and the distribution of the teams takes place via a partially automated planning board in which many relevant information such as wind and weather data can also be made available.
  • Route optimization for mission planning
    In onshore deployment planning, the route is automatically optimized. The locations can be approached in an efficient sequence. The travel times are directly calculated to the timetable.
  • Creation of customs lists and deployment documents
    Depending on the area of the wind farm various documents must be generated automatically, usually immediately before the trip. 
  • Work preparation and warehouse management
    The warehouse clerk receives a picking list before the deployment and assembles the necessary spare parts for each team. A barcode controlled warehouse app supports him doing his daily work.
  • Control of external service providers
    A special web portal enables communication with external service providers. Workorders can be created or retrieved there. The release takes place as permit administration for the respective assignments.
  • Troubleshooting through messages from SCADA systems
    Unplanned requests usually results from errortickets in the condition monitoring system. Work orders can be triggered automatically and displayed to the Sitemananger for planning purposes.
  • People Tracking 
    In particular for the coordination of the case of emergency, the current location of the employees is documented in real time in the software solution and visualized by an overview map.


WindMW GmbH

Works management on- and offshore. WindMW manages the offshore wind farms Meerwind Süd and Meerwind Ost using GS-Service and GS-Mobile.

Case study WindMW

EWE Offshore Service & Solutions GmbH

EWE Offshore Services & Solutions, EWE OSS in short, is the specialist with regard to planning, realization and operation of offshore facilities. The offshore competences of EWE AG and its subsidiaries have been summarized into the EWE Offshore Services & Solutions GmbH in 2012. An interdisciplinary team of offshore specialists supports offshore projects from planning stage to works management. Meanwhile, EWE OSS has progressed from being a pioneer to an experienced actor in wind trade. Currently, EWE OSS is working for the projects Riffgat, alpha ventus, Gemini and Trianel Windpark Borkum I & II.

EWE OSS relies on GS-Service to support our technical works management of offshore wind farms.

Case study EWE OSS


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