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Software solutions for various industries and areas of application

More than 300 companies out of the industry, utilities, waste management, water management and wind energy sectors work with GreenGate solutions for maintenance, operational management, asset management and workforce management. 

Listen. Enquire. Understand. This is how GreenGate begins every relationship with new partners in general. This is not just due to the fact that we intrinsically value an intelligent dialogue at eye level. Only in this way are we able to design the right, individual solution profile for every requirement.

Our software and services are based on a quality standard with clear criteria: We want to achieve measurable results for our customers in real time, solutions that work in practice on site and users who can further develop what they have achieved according to their wishes and needs. 

Software Solutions from GreenGate for Maintenance and Repair

  • "State of the art" IT solutions  for maintenance, operations management and asset management
  • Intelligent system architecture - easy integration into existing IT landscapes
  • In-depth industry expertise in terms of requirements, processes and structures
  • Sustainable research and development work

subject library

  • Qualifications Management
    Administration of staff qualifications and resources with consideration for expiration data. Deposing of required qualifications for all work orders and event types.
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm System 
    Timely execution of all inspection and maintenance orders using checklists for fire prevention provisions according to legal requirements.
  • Ladders, Gates, Footsteps
    Regular inspections according to relevant safety and technical criteria pertinent to rules and standards (DGUV regulation  208-016, BetrSichV)
  • Key Performance Indicators
    Generation of key performance indicators reflecting current performance status (open orders) by department or facility parts (backlog) as well as downtimes and availability times.
  • Electrical testing of portable equipment according to DGUV
    The check up of portable electrical appliances according to DGUV regulation 3, in the sense of accident prevention regulation, concerns all objects which serve the application of electrical energy at large or in part. Each check is documented in the software application and automatically rescheduled according to its validity period.
  • Incident Management
    Map of the entire process chain, starting from event reports to maintenance measures to event statistics. Optional deposing of pre-defined maintenance measures depending on the event report.
  • LifeCycle Management
    Keeping track of all installed and removed parts and maintenance measures of facility components and spare parts across the entire life cycle.
  • Interfaces / Connection to External Systems
    Realisation of interfaces with external systems (SAP/HR PM MM CO, kVASy, Sage, etc.) via integrated application programming interfaces. Interfaces can be realised by being file based, using web services or as individual interface applications.



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